Culy Club

The Culy Club is one of my theses and is created for the Dutch online food magazine Culy ( 

It provides extra features for their website such as different type of contests and discounts, a forum were the users can communicate with each other and the possibility to store all your favourite content and recipes on your personal account.


I've build a hi-fi prototype with the prototyping tool, Adobe XD. 

The prototype can be viewed here:

Culy Club Prototype



Is a mobile app that can be used during emergency situations. It allows safety forces like police, fire department and medical services to work together and be able to make quick decisions on how to handel certain situations.

Using an special algorithm, this tool filters rumors and facts from incoming content from social media, news platforms, influential people and other local content talking about the emergency situation.

This helps creating a clear view of the situation in which safety forces can make quicker and more accurate decisions.

It all started as a school project but the end result is something i'm very proud of. 

This is the official documentation with all the information about ASAPP. Just click on the PDF icon. The documentation is in Dutch.


During my college years I've spend a lot of time drinking beers in bars (like any student). But every time my friends and I would go out to a new bar, we had no idea what to expect. Since we were students with a limited budget our focus was on cheap drinks.

Eventually I got the idea for an app in which the user could find the cheapest place to go drink. I decided to make a small, lo-fi  



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